An adjective to describe how good or awesome something is.

Also can be used on it's own as a statement such as "cool" , "excellent!" or "okay"
"That game was pretty deesh!"

"If you like, i'll pay for the next round?"

by Zowheee! June 01, 2006
Top Definition
deesh- noun/verb/adj- def 1; to do yo damn thang no matter what anybody else says or does. to be true to yourself because nobody else can. 2; a word used to substitiute any other word u want, or used to cut somebody off. other forms: deesher, deeshified, deeshin-i-fi, GOTDAYUMNDEESH, etc.
ex: man i was deeshn at mr. simpson right? when this one chick was talkn bout she was trying to slide on me one time and deesh.
by RYO LAMAR December 01, 2009
related to all things 'doobie'.
can be used in various ways, as both a noun or verb.
noun: "I just picked up some amazing deesh."

verb: "since you're off work, you wanna deesh?"

adjective: "after that 311 concert, I was sooooo deeshed!"
by Dick Enrico August 13, 2006
something that is bad (it's pretty ambiguous,can also be used as a synonym to disrespectful.
Can also be used as a verb - to deesh:
I deesh, you deesh, she deeshes, they deesh etc. deesh, deeshing, deeshed
You're ugly dude!
Far out, that's so 'deesh'!

Don't deesh me.

He fully deeshed me

by Tripod-deesh NZ July 16, 2008
n. pl. The plural form of 'douche' or 'douche bag'. Typically male high school athletes travel in flocks.
Look at that flock of deesh congregating by the stairs.
by emily katherine January 26, 2012
Similar to a douche, but to a barely smaller degree, usually following the word "Wow"
Alternate spelling: Diche
"Wow, deesh! You got shit on my shoes!"
"Duuuuude, you're such a deeeeeesh!"
by L'08 September 05, 2008
Plural for the word douche. (n) or (Adj)
Those kids are a bunch of deesh.
Look at that the pile of used deesh.
by heighway March 01, 2008
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