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Fucking a woman really good.
I'd give her a deep dicking.
I gave the lesbian such a deeping dicking she is back on the team.
by Stan, Cody, Ricky, and Alex April 02, 2003
1.(v) The act of thrusting ones phalic member (or "Dick") into the wet, hot gash of a female.
2.(v) What all (attractive) women need.
1. Damn Paul, when you gonna give that chick some deep dicking?
2. Chicks don't need roses, they just need deep dicking!
by Team JPD March 26, 2003
Sticking your dick so far in the ass of a woman that it comes out her mouth.
I gave her such a deep dicking that my dick went theough her colon, large intestine, small intestine, stomach, esophagus, and out her mouth.
by Doyouenjoyobjectifyingwomen March 18, 2004