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This is the get out clause that is used by doctors practicing medicine when they dont want to give you something, but dont have a real reason.

This phrase becomes mandatory so the average idiot will accept this as a genuine reason, the doctor being several steps up in the social ladder, where to argue with authority is wrong.
lady visits the doctors with severe pains in her back

lady: "Doc, my back is really hurting, I need some painkillers or something"
doc: "im afraid I cant do that for you"
lady: "why not? Im in pain, gimme the pain killers!"
doc: "Ordinarily I would, but on this occasion its deemed clinically inappropiate"
lady: "oh, ok then I guess"

lady gets back home

husband:"did you get help for your back"
lady: "no, it still really hurts, im going to try laying down"
husband: "why didnt u ask for some painkillers"?
lady: "I did, but the doc said it was clinically inappropiate"
husband: "oh that is medical jargon meaning they dont want to give anything. I will get you a hot water bottle instead"
by Foot Juice Solutions May 17, 2010
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