When a male masturbates then ejaculates on someone's photo. And then giving it to that person.
wow that was a great photo of your mom. I'm going do give her a dedication later tonight
by ChrisIsNoAngel January 17, 2011
Top Definition
noun. extreme or uncommon commitment to a task, people, or an ideal.
Mark has such a deep dedication to his work he once walked two miles in twenty inches of snow to open his office to customers (in a southern state with only a few snow plows).
by ljthegreat January 09, 2011
To work hard, and be a cool cat.
Kelsey Lea Cox:)) & Joshua Nathaniel Juenemann show a lot of hard work and dedication, there for they succeed in many things!
by tehrofloctopusyayy August 28, 2010
Showing commitment to something or someone regardless of other people's opinions
After losing 20+ games in a row, my homie still cheers for the Charlotte Bobcats. Now that's dedication.
by Jentage April 26, 2012
Going a bit too far to the point of being unhealthy and a little bit crazy... Like having your work email sent to your iPhone so you're allways accessable, even on days off - very dumb.
Kelly didn't put her OOO on, she's checking her work mail on her days off - that's dedication....crazy...
by Giggsy15 May 05, 2011
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