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To work hard, and be a cool cat.
Kelsey Lea Cox:)) & Joshua Nathaniel Juenemann show a lot of hard work and dedication, there for they succeed in many things!
by tehrofloctopusyayy August 28, 2010
noun. extreme or uncommon commitment to a task, people, or an ideal.
Mark has such a deep dedication to his work he once walked two miles in twenty inches of snow to open his office to customers (in a southern state with only a few snow plows).
by ljthegreat January 09, 2011
Showing commitment to something or someone regardless of other people's opinions
After losing 20+ games in a row, my homie still cheers for the Charlotte Bobcats. Now that's dedication.
by Jentage April 26, 2012
When a male masturbates then ejaculates on someone's photo. And then giving it to that person.
wow that was a great photo of your mom. I'm going do give her a dedication later tonight
by ChrisIsNoAngel January 17, 2011
Going a bit too far to the point of being unhealthy and a little bit crazy... Like having your work email sent to your iPhone so you're allways accessable, even on days off - very dumb.
Kelly didn't put her OOO on, she's checking her work mail on her days off - that's dedication....crazy...
by Giggsy15 May 05, 2011