Deciding to change on a pool deck instead of going to the locker room by wrapping a towel around oneself becasue you are either too lazy or too tired to bother. Normally involves staring from others and flashing of butt, or boobs.
Hillary was in the middle of a deck change after her swim meet because she was too tired to walk all the way to the locker room and some creepy caoch kept looking at her while she changed.
by tootired February 22, 2010
Top Definition
Wrapping a towel around oneself to change (typically into or out of a bathing suit) in a public setting.

The "deck" is the walking surface around a swimming pool.
Kyle was in the middle of a hurried deck change when he was pantsed. Hilarity ensued.
by The Grammar Nazi February 05, 2004
Having sex with a chick in the dark and then mid sex, you and your friend make a switch, so that he is now the one having sex with her.
Yo I met a chick last night and pulled a deck change on that shit!
by EROYAL November 04, 2010
In a card game, to bring in a new deck of cards, often by calling out "Deck change!" Some players do this for good luck.
Nobody was very lucky, so everyone called for a deck change.
by ??? June 01, 2004
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