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A fast, difficult stream of arrows in DDR] or ITG.
I failed at the death run in PSMO].
by 5'11"Racer March 04, 2009
A gametype in Counter Strike where players ( the Counter Terrorists) try to avoid the traps set off by a sometimes single or co-op team of Terrorrists. It is based off of skill and luck. Usually at the end, the Counter terrorist (or Counter Terrorists) challenges the terrorist or the co-op terrorrist team to certain duels including Bhop for the gun, Awp battle, and knife fight.
Man, this Deathrun map keeps fucking me over, I'm going to find another
by UBaKr January 21, 2011
When you cross the road when its a red man...
I.e cars are still coming and you run across the road
J: omg that was a pure death run
Rusty: I know i almost got nocked down twice lol
by rentboi May 20, 2005
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