Insanely talented duo that make amazing music. Made up of Sebastian Grainger (Vocals/Drums) and Jesse F. Keeler (Bass). The most awesome thing about this band is that the band sounds better with only 2 people then any other band with more people. Jesse is a fucking awesome bass player. I saw them in concert, man was it fucking insane. I shit my pants. They also played Mother by Danzig. Simply awesome.
Good DFA1979 songs-
Romantic Rights
Blood on our Hands
You're a Woman, I'm a Machine
Pull Out
Little Girl
Fuck it, every song on their new album "You're a Woman, I'm a Machine"

You need to hear them. If you never heard DFA1979, you're missing one of the most unique bands in history.
by dfa1979 May 13, 2005
Top Definition
a band that kicks so much arse they only have 2 people in their band a bassist and a drummer and the drummer is vocals i mean how sweet is that. thats like so sweet it makes me crap my pants.
oh man death from above 1979 rocks my anus
by somebody September 05, 2004
Agreeing with the aforementioned definition, but must reinforce the amount of ass this band kicks.
Holy lord, when Death From Above plays here I'm gonna shit my pants.
by skid diddly pearson October 14, 2004
1; noun - the best band that ever existed period. it kicked it hard. Jesse Frederick Keeler was the bassist, Sebastien Grainger was the drummer.

2; verb - to do something beyond human understanding. only ever achieved by the aforementioned band mates.
"oh my god, he just pulled a death from above 1979!" in reality, the previous sentence is impossible, unless "he" is either Jesse Frederick Keeler or Sebastien Grainger.

by Al-P September 19, 2007
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