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Popular MySpace user, Also is a guitarist in the powerpop/pop-punk band Casual Wish. Believes in aliens and ufo's.
"Hey, aren't you DearDiary from MySpace?!"
by IHeartDearDiary October 05, 2007
Someone who is addicted to MySpace, a social networking website. Also someone who attempts, or reaches 20,000 friends on the social networking website MySpace.
"Man, that kid is so dear diary."
"Yeah I know, I heard he has internet addiction."
by deardiary October 13, 2007
The words at the beginning of a diary entry written by someone who can't think of anything to write or thinks their diary is alive.
Dear diary... today was the worst and best day of my life.

To conclude, my dearest diary, I spent all day in McDonalds with some chavs.
by Dan1456 February 01, 2008
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