the deadliest catch is aids
by momurdamomurdamomurda June 26, 2012
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Pretty much the best show on the Discovery Channel. Its about the most dangerous job in America. It takes place in the Bering Sea in Unalaka Alaska. Someday I will be a greenhorn!
Did you watch the Deadliest Catch last tuesday?
by Corrie Modica June 08, 2007
1. Deadliest Catch: The title of a Discovery Channel reality series about guys who catch crabs. Narrated by Mike Rowe.

2. Deadliest Catch with Tila Tequila: The possible title of a new MTV reality series about guys who catch crabs. (lol, thank you Jimmy Fallon!)
I love Deadliest Catch! Only on Discovery though, just thinking of the MTV version makes me itch...
by The TrUth will find you out March 04, 2010
a horrible STD that can ultimately kill you.
I know that AIDS can kill you, but I honestly think that syphilis is the deadliest catch.
by JONODE July 09, 2011
A woman who has no business wearing fishnet stockings but wears them anyway.
"Dude, did you see that fat chick in the fishnets?"
"Yeah, she's the deadliest catch"
by josev October 26, 2012
Very similar to a dirty Sanchez, However with this instead of running your finger under her/his nose you will fish hook them with that dirty finger
when I was hitting from the back I gave her the deadliest catch.
by tergold1973 November 10, 2013
the act of going to the supermarket buying crab meat and old bay , and a sailor hat. Then go home to your old lady open her legs spread the crab meat and spread the old bay on her bush. fish for the crab meat with your face and you'll have the dealiest catch of the day. The hat will let them know whose captin of the poop deck.
get crab meat spead it on her roast beef with old bay on her bush wear a sailor hat and cast out. it will be the deadliest catch of the evening.
by skip muldoon July 15, 2008

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