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Rummy-speak, circa late 2003, for the isolated Sadam loyalists who oppose U.S. occupation and take RPG target practice on our boys. Apparently a large club.
Rumsfeld dubbed the insurgents who are making life so difficult for coalition forces, Iraqi authorities and anyone caught in the cross fire "dead-enders," losers from Saddam Hussein's regime with nothing left to do but go down fighting. Time Magazine 11/16/2003
by mandingoe June 08, 2004
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A moviegoer who stays till the very end, through the credits. Motivation for such behavior includes the chance of a post-credits scene, paying respect to the many creators of the film, avoiding the crowd at the exit, waiting for one's skin and eyes to recover from a lacrymal profusion, pointing out unique names in the credits, enjoying the music, or just appreciating the dark.
"Just to warn you," she said, settling into her red velvet seat, "I'm a deadender."
"That's okay," he responded, reaching over and taking a handful of popcorn, "so am I."
by Furquis January 04, 2013
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A person who is so disgusted by the choices (or lack thereof) in an election that he or she elects to stay home rather than vote.
Tom is so disheartened by the political process he's become a deadender.
by Phillymiss September 15, 2008
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