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A hard copy of a book. That is, a physical series of papers, composed primarily of non-living organic matter originating from trees, that are bound together into a single volume.
Carrying all these dead trees around campus is really hurting my back.
by thrillkillbill January 08, 2009
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Pejorative for paper, books, and other hard copies that required killing of trees in order to produce them.

Often used when one prefers an electronic version or submission of a product otherwise seen on paper.
"Hello, Clive. Do you accept online dropbox submissions of our homework, or are we compelled to take from the environment by printing out and submitting dead trees to your desk every Thursday?"
by Egao No Genki January 31, 2012
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Of paper. Get it? As opposed to digital.
"I've got a deadtree copy of the new DnD splatbook. No more crappy PDF!"
by AbuDhabi March 12, 2008
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to fold yourself in half and hang like a dead tree. can be used while dancing if you can not think of a better pose.
while dancing i completely forgot what to do so i just did the dead tree.
by the CIT July 13, 2011
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