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and old punk dance when you collapse on the floor and twitch in time to the music
So you'd be at this punk all-dayer, and you'd feel something at your foot while you are pogoing. You look down to see someone doing the dead fly. Without a moment's thought you stamp on the fucker's face
by hermaphrodite October 09, 2004
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a game that you play at any given time, in the game anyone who is playing the game may yell "dead flies" and everyone who is playing must lie on the floor and wave their arms and legs in the air like a dead fly. it can be played for as long as you want and with as many people as you want. good for playing in the supermarket.
everyone was looking at us like we were total wierdos when we were playing dead flies in the supermarket.
by Tishbob January 27, 2008
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