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an accurate one, a sharp shooter.
the sniper's a dead eye, he got me again.
by KRHimself June 15, 2004
Someone skilled in shooting; a marksman, sharpshooter. Sometimes used as an award in First-Person Shooting games.
See that guy? He was in the military... Give him a rifle, and some targets, and you'll see that he's a deadeye.
by Jas_ October 01, 2008
Noun, Origin 2012

A name for a person in a state of intoxication where their eyes look lifeless.
1. "Dead eyes asked Jake to help find her friends, but they ended up making out instead."

2. "Maybe we should cut old Dead Eyes off, he's keeps trying to wrestle the bartender."

3. "Easy there, Dead Eyes. Maybe you shouldn't have drank that entire bottle of $8 whiskey before the strip club."
by Chief Jerganov March 13, 2014
When a guy cums into a women's eye causing pain
Jack-"Did you get Shelby to bed last night?"
Aidan-"Yeah, she had a dead eye by the time I was done"
Jack-"Nice sharpshooting!"
by Jv206 September 23, 2015
When a woman is deepthroating a man and looking up into his eyes. When she gags her eyes roll back thus the dead looking eyes.
Man1: Dude how was it last night??
Man2: Her dead eyes where amazing!
by KingLouie3 October 26, 2011
1. Large, purple growth (possibly fungal in nature), usually found on ears. Glows on special occasions. Commonly thought to be revolting.

2. Fond nickname of the host of the original and most impressive deadeye. He can often be seen spending time with his close friend, Free Gift, indulging in their favourite activity – slapping each other’s thighs.
1. The particularly large pimple on your friend's ear could possibly not be their twin, but a deadeye.
by Jenni the Death Slut April 27, 2006
Alex Hawkins. (i.e. the goddamn n008 who pwNz Morpheus in UT because of his cheating tactic...sitting on the rooftops and hiding, while shooting down at anyone stupid enough to pass by)
Usually hyphenated; ('Dead-Eye/
Dead_Eye, etc.)
See Cypher Quad
(i.e. the goddamn n008 who owns Morpheus in UT because of sitting on the rooftops and hiding, while shooting down at anyone unfortunate enough to pass by)
Usually hyphenated; crossref. 'Dead-Eye/
Dead_Eye, etc.)
by ... December 05, 2003
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