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when you completely forget, or WANT to forget a memory
guy 1: yo, remember that time we got super hammed and skinny dipped with those fine chicks?

guy 2: naaaaw man, thats a mad dead memory

girl 1: hey, remember when you made out with jenn's boyfriend that one time?

girl 2: oh god, dont remind me, im trying to turn that into a dead memory
by mauigirl17 March 08, 2010
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When Specific Memories trigger no Emotional Response when remembered....

For example:

"Remembering a Deceased Friend/Relative you were close with... But feel no Emotion when remembering them"
Friend #1 - I really miss when you were still dating your Ex Girlfriend man... You two were perfect for each other..

Friend #3 - all I have are dead memories about her...
by Etertert December 05, 2016
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