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Verb. (slang) De-brained, de-braining

(1) The removing, destroying, numbing or incapacitating of the brain.

(2) The Process of changing a Smart Person into a Stupid Person. I.E. Lobotomy, Brain Surgery, Football or Hammer-To-Head-Repeatedly.

(3) To Suck the juice from the head cavity of a Crawfish.

(4) To Retard Someone, the act of Retardation
(1) The single-mother was eager to de-brain herself with a Holiday Weekend full of Farmville. She is addicted to Facebook.

(2) The children grew-up to be completely useless. They had been terribly de-brained from years of cell-phone and blue-tooth usage. They were no longer capable of communication.

(3) "Now Grab that bucket of crawdads and git over here! I been waitin to de-brain me some daddies all day! Hooop Dang Yeah!"

(4) Come here Cleetus, Time for your Medicine!! I'm fixin to de-brain you with this here golf club before Supper's Ready!
by the_real_kny January 14, 2010
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