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adj/. literal meaning 'of cock'; to be used in situations of frustration, annoyance, bordom, and angst. Also to describe a person that is strange or abnormal.
* In short Form for IM purposes may be used as 'D.P.'
That guy is totally de pinga.

That party last night was de pinga.
by gAZI March 23, 2003
A universal descriptor in Cuban, Caribbean, and some South American Spanish, usually expressing positivity, awe, amazement, and appreciation for objects, people, and situations. It can however translate to chagrin, disbelief, and disappointment as well.
Spanish: Este congri es de pinga, asere!
English: This congri is fucking amazing!

Villager: The landlord just dragged my wife behind his horse and disappeared into the desert!
Zoro: De piiiinnngggaaaa!!!
by Monkey Man Mambo December 01, 2006