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An out cry of expression of surprise, hate etc. usual said by hillbilly's
DAYUM! thats a good hayumburger!!!!1111


DAAYYUM you is fine
by MrJangles July 11, 2008
10 22
What a guy says when a hot girl walks by, especially if she has a round booty.
"Dayyyyyyyyum, did you see that?? I'd like to put my cock into that fine piece of meat there!"
by thatgirldrinkinglemonade July 08, 2003
69 91
A saying used when you see a female with a nice backside; the same as "DAAAAAYYYUMM!!!" but to a smaller extent.
When he saw sexually harassing females, a woman walked by with an ass that made him say "DAYUM!"
by xlae-x March 24, 2003
24 54
Somthing you put on your sandwage for some extra DAYUM!
Take: "Can you pass the Dayum please."

Hiro: "Sorry i used it all for my damn sandwage."

Take: "Darn"
by Take151 August 11, 2006
37 68
A combination of the words Damn and Yum; A word usually used in a situation when a gurl walks by with a nice round ass.Or is very attractive.
Gurl walks by-

Boy:-leans- Dayum!! That gurl has one niiice ass. I'd love to eat her up =P.
by .:º:.charlie.:º:. July 18, 2006
33 64