to drink, party, and in general rage during the day. This is a more dedicated form of day drinking. Day rages usually end in the evening with the rager passing out, throwing up, or being lost in their incoherent state. This, however, does not happen to people who drink like a boss. These people turn their day rage into a classic rage and generally continue drinking into the night.
"Dude, exams just ended, what do you want to do tomorrow"

"We're all going to Kenny's place to day rage, we got enough booze to go all night and an oz to smoke up"
by (whitegirl)wasted May 11, 2012
Top Definition
Drunkenness in the daylight, usually in the early morning.
It's sad, but around my neighborhood some people are constantly on dayrage.
by darth lehn October 14, 2009
To have an intense drinking,pill popping,crazy ass party during the day. Usually a bad idea because by the time night comes you're vomiting everywhere and can't sleep. But at the same time its fucking awesome!
Dude,are you down to day rage at Rachels?

I day raged too hard so i'm puking everywhere and can't fucking sleep.
by supacrzyazn December 26, 2010
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