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A day trip. A day long vacation. Most daycations take place in amusement parks, or sometimes the beach.
Pete: Why weren't you at work yesterday?

Bill: Oh, the girlfriend and I took a daycation to six flags.
by bobmcd123 August 23, 2007
69 8
a vacation that only lasts one day
"that was an awesome daycation"
by Seditious Jason April 11, 2009
25 7
Taking only one day off from work.
I'll be away today. I'm taking a daycation.
by Ethan Anderson March 09, 2008
12 5
A short trip out of town for only a day. Leave in the am and return in the pm.
Robin~ Let's drive up to the lake on Sunday and have lunch. No, not over night just a daycation.
by woopadedo August 27, 2007
8 5
A vacation for a day, away from anything that is bothersome, such as a parasitic significant other.
I need a daycation from that bitch, she sucks all of the energy out of me.
by Sweetghuy August 13, 2009
7 5
When you find your neighbor's hidden house key and sneak into their house, leaving only an hour before he/she comes home from work.
I went to my mom's house for a daycation. She never knew I was there.
by Treeteeg January 08, 2010
2 6