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Newest version of day of defeat. Which has become a sign that valve doesnt care about the community
A total failure of day of defeat and its community

randomguy:day of defeat source sucks.
by LinkS December 22, 2005
The 2nd version of Day of Defeat (DoD) franchise (preceded by DoD 1.3) a WWII online first person shooter.

Better known as; VALVe ruins another classic game, also see Counter Strike Source.
Joe: Yay, killed by another noob with a fucking thompson running in circles holding mouse1.
Roma: dude fucking day of defeat source sucks how many times do we have to tell you that.
Jimmy: Lual
by befumo January 15, 2009
The re-make of Valve's Day of Defeat using the Source engine. All Counter Strike and Day of Defeat players love to flame Day of Defeat Source, mainly because they are too lazy to go and buy the game to try it out.
Player 1: "Day of Defeat Source SUCKS MAN!!!"

Player 2: "Have you tried it?"


Player 2: "...sigh..."
by er0y March 20, 2009

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