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a verb meaning "to dominate in Modern Warfare 2" or simply "to play Modern Warfare 2". Whether you mean "to dominate" or "to play" is decided by the context of the rest of the sentence.

present tense- dawng
past tense- dawnged
future tense- will dawng

"Hey Eric, did you dawng last night?"
"Yeah dude, I dawnged for like 3 hours!"
#to merk #to dominate #to destroy #to play #to own
by framburglar January 30, 2010
to Pwn noobs at Call of duty modern warefare 2
"Dude you dawnging later?"
"Hell ya lets get our dawng on"
#dawnging #to dawng #to get dawng #to be dawnged #dawngage
by G40 BLo January 30, 2010
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