Davon is the most awesome man on this world.
The end.
-Davon see's picture of some sexual pose-
D: "We needa try that."
by Blindx November 19, 2010
Top Definition
the definition of pimping, the biggest pimp in the world. making history with his sexy looks and his humungous dick. his bestfriend is armando cruz
yeuh bunnyrabbits
aurbiy: girl, davon's cock is sooooo big and it feels sooooo good when it's inside of you.
emily: omg i know! i sucked it yesterday
by micheal jackson (in the vents) September 01, 2008
the definintion of pimping, davon is the biggest pimp you will ever meet. his penis is also extremely large. he will ef your girl then pimp slap the bitch. his best friend is armando cruz.
yeuh bunny rabbits
aurbiy:omg davon's dick is sooo big and it feels so good when it's inside of you.
emily: i know i sucked it yesterday
by isandhgsyuf September 02, 2008
Davon: To have an incredibe hardon ,but only visible to those who posses the wisdom to see it
For example: that 69 year old man over there can see it(the davon),but NOBODY ELSE CAN!

0_0 ?
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