One of the most known soccer players. He plays as a right midfielder. Played at Manchester United where he won the Champions' League, then transferred at Real Madrid, Europe's most prestigious club. From 2007 he will start the season at LA Galaxy in the MLS, having a contract for 5 years worth $250 million. Apart from soccer, he likes fashion, and different hairstyles who draw attention to him. He is married to Victoria "Posh" Beckham, an ex-Spice Girl. Although some question his ability to play soccer, he is able to cross the ball to a team-mate with a pin-point accuracy. He is number one in the world at taking free kicks with Juninho Pernambucano closely following him. He was also the England captain until that new fag couch came from Middlesbrough.
– Did you see David Beckham playing for Real last nite?
– Yea he was amazing, he set up all 3 goals for Real!
by vanbert March 02, 2007
Top Definition
The "Anna Kournikova" of football.
Man! Teenage girls are bigger fans of David Beckham than the people who actually follow football!
by scrEEmur January 07, 2004
A Popular Football(Soccer) Player who once played for Manchester United, but now for Real Madrid
A well known Metrosexual
David Beckham is the one in red with the bun in his hair.
by Paul March 15, 2004
A useless person who has out lived his england career.
david beckham's penalty that went *sky high*
by K_chan June 25, 2006
this man can put a ball on a dime. some say that he's overrated, but really it's an unfortunate connotation that comes with playing from the most popular team in the world, manchester united. beckham is a stellar midfielder and it just so happens he's extremely good looking and married to a former spice girl. give credit where it's needed.
david beckham did cry and throw up at the world cup this year, but he went home to posh spice and you didn't.
by jacy_lynne August 19, 2006
Former midfielder for Manchester United, now plays for Real Madrid.

Married to Posh Spice, then became a full-blown metrosexual. Still adored by the Japanese, years after the World Cup 2002.
David Beckham, the professional athlete/model/metrosexual.
by KRHimself October 30, 2004
britian's most sellable face.
his brains are located at his right foot.
wears wigs.

marries to stop others calling him gay.
a male fan: I lurve david beckham.
(enuff said)
by not the male fan June 05, 2003
A over rated player/model/metrosexual who gets the world over by his so called "good looks" and changes his hairstyle more often than he scores a penalty

The worst swear you could give a player in football
You play like Beckham, man
by harish March 05, 2005
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