A popular rapper, also a code word for a giant beer poop.
I just dropped a David Banner. Dear lord.
by DioAstley August 07, 2008
Top Definition
(1) Great big musical man who is of African-American descent who reps the Dirty South and his home state of Mississippi with a heart-felt intensity.

(2) Crunk, Mississipi philanthropist and humanitarian who is much-loved by women of all races and all walks of life.

(3) Prominent musical Black Mississippian with a dirty mouth and clean heart

(4) Producer of words like: JEAH pronounced like "Yeah" only with a "ch" in the initial position of the word and it sounds like CHAY;
and coiner of the shortened-version of Mississippi's name SIPP and credited with the resurgence of the term, Mississippi Pimp.
"You getting David Banner on them m-----f----"

"Real gulz git down on da flo'"


"Fuck them n----z"

"F--- you n----"
by Ms Sweetie Mississippi May 18, 2007
David Banner - v. To whisper in a girl's ear on the dance floor over loud music. Coined from the vocal style of the artist David Banner.
I David Bannered and got those digits.
by k_cool September 14, 2007
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