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david it |DEY-vid it| verb, david'd, daviding, david
-verb (used with subject)
1. The process in which one floors a manual car before, during, or after a stop for no apparent reason; knowingly that people are observant of his actions and that there is a stop straight ahead, and is driving with 0% efficiency by obtaining poor miles per gallon.
2. When one drives a 99' Honda Civic EX and plays loud techo/trance music for no apparent reason with windows rolled all the way down; trying to look cool in front of ones friends, but in actuality, one is embarrassing not only himself, but those who are also present in the same vehicle.
3. To drive the entire day and nothing else because everything else is requires too much effort; a taxi driver; a loner; a basement liver; selfish being; meaningless being; anti-social; a pushover; a failure in life; a leecher; unreliable.
4. Trying to bamboozle ones money to buy ANYTHING (sweets in particular; for example, MOCHI, a Japanese delight), but fails miserably.
1. David, stop daviding it, there is a stop sign right there correct? Why are you using my car and flooring it like it's yours and wasting my gas?
2. You do realize that you just david'd us right? Because the car that just past by was laughing at us because of your loud ridiculous music that none of us likes besides you.
3. Person A: So what are you doing today?
Person B: I'm feeling a bit down, I guess I'll just david it today...
Person A: Alright bro, call me when you're ready to ACTUALLY do something.
4. Person 1: Can you BUY a box of mochi for me?
Person 2: Are you going to pay me back?
Person 1: ehh…
Person 2: Then no, don't david me, I'm not buying it for your broke ass.
by sensei MOCHI June 08, 2007
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