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A snobby individual who determines the quality of an automobile by the quality and texture of its interior plastics with little regard for the package as a whole.

The assessment is performed by closing one's eyes and smoothly running a hand over the length of the dashboard and door panels of a car. The occasional 'knock' is performed to test for hollow spaces.

Frequently these individuals are drivers of German automobiles.
"Whoa have you seen the sixth generation jetta? I kinda like it."
"You clearly have no taste. The dash is hard as a rock. Go for its predecessor. That's when they knew how to make good cars."
"But its cheaper AND has more rear legroom that the old car."
"I'm sorry were you saying something? I was stroking the 1x2 strip of soft-touch plastic i carry around with me at all times."
"F**k off dash stroker."
by officerk December 04, 2011
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