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it means the boat in german, but can be used in any time
1) Chick "Oh yah, make me squirt"
Guy "Das Boot!"
Chick "wtf...?"
2) (While surfing train)
n00b "This is so cool"
elite pwnmasta "no son, das boot!"
ex-n00b "dice, dice"
by undress and possess August 20, 2007
that's cool, that's awesome, that rocks, that's wicked, and so on
das boot!
aw man, das boot!
haha, das boot
by Uncle Deeder October 21, 2004
that's cool, that's awesome, ect ect ect
"Hey, I just got a new insert cool object here"
"Das boot, man"
by mckickflip January 06, 2004