A person that is really stupid, like a big stupid Head
eg. "Darragh Carolan is SUCH a Darragh..."
by Not Donal Treacy December 29, 2007
Top Definition
someone who is really cool and smart at the same time
omg your such a darragh
by darragh brosnan February 25, 2008
A person who is hung like a horse, usually very cool and knows their way around the bedroom
That Darragh is a g
by the honest truth;) January 18, 2011
To lose control over all bodily functions at once.
"I just ate a grape and i Darragh'd"

"I was walking down the street when i saw my friends mum, then i just Darragh'd, right there"
by Gordon Yathzee March 26, 2010
Darragh is a fucking douchebag.
by darraghhater October 17, 2013
A broken piece of earth moving equipment
"hey man my digger is totally darragh"

"yeah i was out in the feild with my excavator today and it's had the darragh
by vizsla May 05, 2009
1. a try-hard looser, that will probaly turn out to be gay.

2. another word for testicles
1. ur such a darragh...

2. my darragh's are itchy
by darragh_mum April 20, 2008

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