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1. When a bunch of homies are totally talking shit usually knowing nothing about the subject

2. A conversation among homies in which every word used is ghetto ebonics so it's impossible for a literate person to understand it.
1. Homey 1 - Man dey need to erase all Babe Ruth's cause he never had to face Satchell Page.
Homey 2 - Damn straight...he'd have less tha half dat many home runs if he played Satch.
Educated person 1 - What are those dumb asses talking about
Educated person 2 - Don't worry, it's just darky malarky
Educated person 1 - That's what I figured

2. Homey 1 - That muthafucka was bojangin my chicken little in da fat ride wit da banging hoes and jockin my gat
Homey 2- I hears ya my brutha
Literate Person 1 - Are you gentleman serious or is this conversation a bunch of darky malarky
Homies together - WTF?
by BleeJay April 03, 2008
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