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Famous Pink Floyd album released in 1973 that deals with issues of insecurity, insanity, death, and war. Small amounts of interviews done with various crew members are intertwined within it and is rumoured to correspond with The Wizard of Oz. 11th Best Selling Album in the world.
Dark Side of the Moon is fifteen times Platinum.
by Geldof June 20, 2004
A monumental album recorded by Pink Floyd in March of 1973. Set the tone as the defining concept album, along with Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club band by the Beatles. Contains nine tracks, including their first true hit, Money. The last two tracks, Brain Damage and Eclipse, are typically played together on FM radio.
Speak to Me/Breathe
On the Run
Great Gig in the Sky
Us and Them
Any Colour You Like
Brain Damage
by bretonstyle February 06, 2005
One of the most over used symbols of all time.
*Floyd Fan* You like Pink Floyd?
*Average person who just likes the t-shirt* Yeah... I've got the dark side of the moon t-shirt.
*Floyd Fan* You ever listen to any Floyd?
*Average person who just likes the t-shirt* Dark Side of the Moon
*Floyd Fan* Ever hear of any other albums?
*Average person who just likes the t-shirt* Theres only three The Wall, Dark Side of the Moon, and Wish You Were Here...of course!
*Floyd Fan* Does anyone miss Syd?
*Average person who just likes the t-shirt* Who's Syd?
*Floyd Fan* duh
by blackknight89 February 11, 2007
The CD that your children will listen to when they are poking smot.
Jeffrey: Hey, Phil, you wanna come over to my house today? I bought some marijuana from Bobby at recess!
Phil: Sure, Jeff, sounds great! I'll bring Dark Side of the Moon!
by IndieSnob June 19, 2006
Metaphorical description of the side of the moon facing away from Earth. It was named "dark" only because it was "dark" to our existing knowledge in the many years before space probes existed. This meaning has unfortunately been misunderstood in modern times to mean that one side of the moon is always dark, which is incorrect.
"No one has seen the dark side of the moon."
by mcsew2k December 21, 2007
1. A reference to the side of the Earth's Moon that is constantly out of sight to the Earthlings of planet Terra, due to the fact that the speed of the Moon's turn is the same as the speed of the Moon's revolution, causing one side to always be facing its inside toward the Earth, and one side to always be facing outward toward outer Space.

It is in reference to the Moon as a Symbol of the mind, or Consciousness,

where the Dark side of the Moon references that outside the Light of the Mind, that which is a part of the
Collective Unconscious.

2. A Musical Album released in 1973 by the progressive rock group Pink Floyd, an album that instated a fantastic standard for musical groups everywhere.

The album has become a cultural sensation amongst a variety of genres, but especially represented in the psychedelic counter-culture.

The album has also been said to synchronize with the film The Wizard of Oz, when played at the correct moment, although the Band has rejected any intention of synchronizing the two.

The Synchronization of Dark Side of the Moon with The Wizard of Oz, has been called The Dark Side of Oz, and The Dark Side of the Rainbow.
*Tim* - Hey, you wanna go out to the Desert and get High?

*Jim* - Well sure, I'm always down to go out and see the stars. Let's take a stroll on out to the Moon.

*Tim* - Well Jim... I must have you know, that the Moon is glittery and fun and all, but this time I'll be facing my fears of the Silence.

I'm Sailing out to the Dark Side of the Moon.
by ThreeMirrors March 25, 2011
To moon someone and then proceed to defecate in their direction.
"Some guy flipped me off yesterday so I had to give him the dark side of the moon."
by satansymbolguy August 27, 2013
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