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A black person. Child of a black or dark person.

Though, I did hear a song where "dark child" was referring to a WHITE artist. Hmm >_>
*music listener pushes play*
Brandy: Ohh... yeah
Random male voice: Uh huh. Dark Child.
Brandy: Yeah... mhm
Random male voice: What it do now?
Brandy: Wooahh... *starts singing*

Brandy may be replaced with Destiny's Child, P!nk, Beyonce, Christy Milian, and just about any other RnB singer.
by akodu July 31, 2006
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Usually heard in the beginning of some selected rap songs and commonly misconceived as "dogchild," it is the nickname of producer Rodney Jerkins, which he tries to incorporate (almost subliminally) into the songs he produces.
See: Destiny's Child, "Say My Name"
by T. Haze March 02, 2005
44 42
The nickname of producer Rodney Jerkins who has worked with many big pop stars in the industry, including Utada Hikaru, Ciara, Beyonce, Janet Jackson, Jennifer Lopez, Britney, Se7en, Brandy, Danity Kane, Michael Jackson, Lady Gaga.

Often the phrase "Dark Child", spoken by Rodney" is included in songs that he has produced. misleading people to believe it has some other meaning, such as black person.
"Dark Child we gonna make you dance" - Time Limit Remix Utada Hikaru.
by I_Like_cheese January 30, 2010
26 61
I child who has a dark personality.
She isn't gothic.She's just dark child.
by Laura May 07, 2005
19 79