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Similary to a golden shower, a dark treat occurs when one deficates on the face of his or her partner- typically following intercourse. Popular in homo and heterosexuals alike.

Of course a dark treat can occur without sexual intercourse or any other related or non-related sexual play.
In a homosexual sense: After Nick bunged Bill, Bill was so loose he gave Nick a dark treat.

In a heterosexual sense: Jackie was feeling kinky after taking her first cock in the ass she decided to give Josh a dark treat.

In a non-sexual sense: Kelly is so disgusting. She was so drunk at that party she let Ben give her a dark treat in front of everyone!
by Fatuso July 12, 2006
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When you shit on your partners face, slam yours nuts on it into there mouth.
dawg: yo bro, i performed a dark treats on your bitch last night

de shaun: ya i know, bitch lied and told me she had chocolate
by jrptuisyng December 08, 2009
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