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The coolest, most amazing, smartest, swaggiest, prettiest, and funniest girl ever. She has the best personality and is loved by everyone. She has so many friends and is hilarious but is also extremely smart.
"Wow look at that cool, smart girl!"
"Dude, thats Dara!!!!"
"Shes like a goddess!"
by dwightee October 13, 2013
The part of your lower ass.
My daras is hurting because I slip early.
by Queen Faye December 02, 2008
Awesome, rock-hard, power
Luke: How was today?
Carl: It was so Dara
by MotherF"£$er March 14, 2013
Dara is a very caring person. He may act as if he doesn't care at first but once you give him a chance after a while he will start to grow on you.
Girl: ''Hi''
Dara: ''Go away''
Girl: ''Hi''
Dara: ''Hi, how are you?''
by Kingger March 16, 2013
dara has the biggest dick usually black super strong loves partying knows how to keep a secret really cooland the best person you will ever meet and he is really good at sex my self i think he is the best
oh dara yor dick is so big im choking amost dying
by fruitella girl September 21, 2011
Dara. A word commonly coined by chianese people or anyone not originating from within an english speaking nation; meaning one dollar. Can be used as a plural form of currency.
person1: how much for the freetos jigga?
711owner: 3 dara pwees.
person1: shit man your prices are blotto but hell i love freetos!
by Djaries June 05, 2006
the gaylord of all gays
Everything gay = DARA
omg.....dats so gay.....it was conseived by dara !!!
by Chica Sexy June 17, 2008