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A little punk kid who thinks he is the shit
These stupid dar dar sophmores tried to mess with me.
by Rusty Shackleford August 10, 2003
1. someones girlfriend, a nickname for a girl when in a relationship
2. a cute girl, a stunner, a girl that you would take home to your bedroom and to your parents
1. hey my beautiful dar dar
2. she's so dar dar
by Braticus May 01, 2008
When a male sends a non-solicited dick pic through text or email to an unsuspecting female victim.
Alicia told me that Bill sent her a Dar-Dar.
by Sea isle ice man May 02, 2014
Dar-Dar can be a noun,verb,or adjective. Generally refers to something annoying or revolting to females. Can also be used to decribe how badly someone has been beaten in any sort of contest. Dar-Dar is also a way to describe anything that could possibly cause a good day to go horribly wrong. Often one is Dar-Daring when one has lost tremendously for a long period without any victories of any kind. Could also be the "ugly duckling" of the family. Dar-Dar is also an elite group of terrorists who's suicidal missions often fail. Being called a Dar-Dar is pretty much being called the scum on the bottom of the barrel.
Poor Jimmy, he's Dar-Daring, he hasnt won yet.
What!? Thats stupid, shut up Dar-Dar!
Wow I have to go take a big smelly Dar-Dar!
Oh snap! you didn't even score a point, I just Dar-Dared you!
by Stuart Ross February 25, 2008
a main word in me (rae) and my best friend adriana's "retard" language

Dri:"Dahhhhh dar dar darrrrr"
Rae:"dar dar dadada dar"

yea we're crazy (random) like that
by Rae Nicole July 10, 2008
A dar dar is the same as saying retarded.
It's a mimic of the speech used as an adjective.
I gave him the order but the dar dar screwed it up.
by zidaane November 21, 2010
Any male named Darrian who is under the age of 18, or is a particularly small person. Also an acceptable replacement for Darrian Jr.
Person - Hey Dar Dar? Whats up?
Dar Dar - You know I don't like you calling me that.
Person - That's fine. Now go make me a smoothie.
Dar Dar - ...Okay.....
by Belgiumsocks September 14, 2010
Refers to someone who is a douche bag. Originated from the following terms: Muffa-Dar, Muffa-Dar Bhatt, Dar & Dar Dar Wanks.
Have you seen that douche bag Dar Dar?

That Dar Dar has a penis so big that he has to tuck it between his legs and up his asshole.

Dar Dar smells like dhal.
by BenChute May 03, 2005