Synonym for cool.
"that shirt is dao" or conversely, "that shirt is so not dao"
by TheKoister July 19, 2008
the process of saying damn and ow at the same time when hitting a tree or a car or a building or anything of that sort...
a more simple version
damn + ow = dao
(when running into something that hurts) dddddaaaaammmmmmmnnnnnnoooooowwwwww = dao
by Amie December 27, 2003
destructive anal orgasm
i dao-ed tat bitch like a dao
by daoer4life July 10, 2008
Ugly as hell.
Person 1: Hey buddy what's up?
Person 2: Nothing much it's a beautiful day.
Dao: Hey guys!

On April 30th 2011 Person 1 and 2 was killed by the ugliness of dao's face. May they R.I.P
by simonisnotuglydaois April 22, 2011

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