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A kid who seems smart and nice but deep down is a real physco killer
That kid is a danny at heart
by Youdon'tknowmedaniel June 15, 2009
A stupid little slut who thinks she's hot shit, when it really comes down to it, her parents don't even have their green card! Stupid bitch. Anywho(: she's completely self loathing and a nasty scram. Id stay away from these kinds of girls, they are HOMEWRECKERS**** ! And her moms a dirty hoe as well .. ;)
Oh thats Danny.. she's a homewrecker.
by DANNYISAHOEEE:D May 28, 2011
a cheater, loser, idiot, man whore, un-romantic, alcoholic, goodlooking who has no idea what he wants out of life...
Girl#1: He does not know how to open a door for anyone.

Girl#2: he is so a danny!
by cubangoddez April 07, 2010
Danny, a dangling clitoris
"damn, that girl has such a danny! i can see it through her shorts!"
by Albert Ryan April 21, 2010
A man, usually Irish who loves nothing more then to drink guiness and listen to Irish punk bands, truly one of Ireland's finest.

We're gonna go down to the bar with Danny tonight, its Saint Patrick's Day......we'll probably have to take his keys from him.
by Dinobinoid December 04, 2006
A type of person who is unattractive physically, but attractive personality-wise. They happen to be good at sports. A motto for a Danny would definitley be, "Never judge a book by its cover."
Girl 1; Why do you like that guy?

Girl 2; Because he's a Danny, that's why!!!

Girl 1; Oh, that's why!
by Sake(: October 23, 2009
A guy, usually a flaming homosexual, denies his gayness by calling others a 'faggot'. Sometimes is sitting at home watching gay porn while on facebook. The obesity is a problem for Danny's and is usually irreversible.
Danny: "Dude your such a faggot"
Guy 1: "You're the obese fuck that sits at home doing fuck-all. Get out of the closet"
by 11JesusChrist11 April 05, 2011