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someone who is very smart and manly with the name Dan.

"Wow, he's danly."
"I know, his name's Dan."
"Wow, he's danly."
"I know, his name's Dan."
by xoxlovee June 07, 2009
One of the most gorgeous girls on Earth, usually brunette with beautiful brown eyes. They stand up for what they believe in and DO NOT take shit from anybody. Mess with a Danly, and you will be miserable, as she is smart and knows her ways. They have hot tempers but are very sweet and love to help people. They play hard to get and are VERY outgoing. They dream big and are ambitious. They are VERY confident and never ever let anyone intimidate them. Girls hate on Danly, but its all out of jealousy. They ALWAYS get what they want. They dont kiss and tell, but are shy sometimes. They are very funny and know how to make you laugh. Losing a Danly would be the most horrible mistake, keeping them would be the best decision.
I never truly laughed...I never truly smiled, until the day I saw her, my beautiful darling Danly!
by Supermanlovesyou July 19, 2014
VERY Un-manly, girly, not cool, to fail.
"Wow, you're listening to Miley Cyrus, that's danly."
by FCE January 08, 2010
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