A short, generic name used in a way such as "John Doe", but rather then to describe a generic person it is used to describe a generic, unemployed, cheap and constantly drunk person. Sometimes abbreviated simply as DL.
I was at the bar last night and this freaking Dan Lee was bugging me for free drinks. I don't even know who he was, but the cheap bastard couldn't have had a job with that shitty, stretched out t-shirt he was wearing. What a fucking DL man. Keep that shit on the DL man.

alcoholic, cheapskate
by Billy Bobcat L. Muff August 20, 2011
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Top Definition
bear - a man with a beard or van Dyke, typically with a hairy chest and body and a stocky or heavyset build; often older (or older looking) and displaying a masculine appearance and mannerisms.
polar bear - an older guy with white or grey fur/beard.
"Wow, DanLee is such a polar bear."
"oh grrrrr...."
by 1337monkey October 14, 2005

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