A mixed drink originating at High Point University made into a large container with a spout and placed in the fridge for easy dispensing. At least a handle of vodka is used but mixed so beautifully the alcohol cannot be tasted, resulting in many fun times and coyote ugly as the only consequence. Concocted from the masterminds of The Blessed 503.
Student 1: what the hell happened last night?

Student 2: you drank some Danky

Student 1: that explains everything...
by Luke311 December 16, 2010
An exceptionally tall, graceful, plant-smoking individual (usually male) who is brave, unconventional, and adores shapeshifting for the purpose of fucking paradigms.
My husband is a danky human, with immeasurable love for life and all it's components.
by foxyarcher June 01, 2013
smooth and heavy
This shit is danky. xD
by Legendary Birds October 13, 2011
to be in a horny mood, mainly used when it's late at night.
boy: i love you.
girl: i love you more babe.
boy: dang im danky. :)
by effitt. December 04, 2008
Hippyish, stoner, earthy
The girl wearing birkenstocks, a tunic, ripped jeans, hemp, and dreadlocks was danky.
by edm November 21, 2003
Charlie: I don't like your shirt it looks like an old rag.

Carly: You're so danky.
by NHS=] September 08, 2009
Something or someone that is of exceptional attractiveness. syn: hottie
"That guy over there is a danky!"
by dankies for life January 17, 2006

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