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The squinty, smiley face that immediately follows a hit of excellent marijuana.

Also: dankfaced - the state of having a dank face.
See my dank face? I am dankfaced.
#weed #dank #face #high #smile #squint
by W.T. Hank November 17, 2009
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The glazed, yet inspired, look that graces the faces of stoners worldwide. It's the look of a mind being blown in slow motion. (This term is inspired by Pot Star Lisa Dank!)
"I got tagged in a photo from Coachella but I removed the tag cause I have total Dankface in it and I don't want my mom to see it."


"The grassy noel was littered with dankfaced hippies who were transfixed by Umunakku's mastery of the didgeridoo."
#dank #stoner #hippy #pot #marijuana #weed #music festivals
by leenirama July 10, 2012
one with a face that appears to have a penis on it.
1. You might be a dank face if you got a dank on your face!
2. You might be a dank face if you got balls comin out of your nose.
3. You might be a dank face if people ask you if you have pubic lice when you snort cocaine.
by Lou Whitt of Kentucky April 29, 2005
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