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a female's breasts that peak at the nipple (like the Matterhorn) and protrude outward like a ducks' stance, while remaining a fair distance apart from one another. Distance between each breast varies from 4-6 inches. However, in extreme cases, each breast can appear to be it's own entity, as if they're trying to run away from eachother. Bra required in order to give off the appearance of a normal chest.
CB, who also got a gnarly ass tat the other day, has quite a vivacious set of danish curlers.

"Dog, that slampiece's danish curlers are extra sloppy. Minimum 8 inches separation bro... Whoa"

"That bitch got some fujatitties (few-juh-tit-ees)"
#floppy wings #the danish #wall eyed wonders #the lonely christmas tree #fujititties
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