The male genitalia, specifically the penis (in the erect stage)
Yo bitch, get my dangus out yo mouf and make a yayo sammich.
by Anonymous May 06, 2003
Top Definition
it can mean anything you want it to mean. Can be used as any part of speech or added at the middle/end of a word for effect
Do you want to go to dangus. (dinner)
Yo are you guys dangusing tonight? (drinking)
You want to watch "V for Vendangus" with me. (V for Vendetta)
Can you pass me the dangus. (anything)
by Dangus VonDangus May 20, 2007
The dangus is a noun. It's both a lifestyle choice, and a synonym for 'man-meat'. It can be dished out like pepperoni pizza, or given as a gift to any girl who wants it.
She needs the dangus
by johnny2nucks May 31, 2011
A Dangus is meat between your buns. Dangus means many things. Examples of the Dangus is: Penis, Dong, Johnson, throbbing erection, Semi erection, War hammer, drilling devise, sword, one-eyed wonder worm, carrot, etc. Generally the word Dangus is used as a male genitalia.
You are so pretty. Would you like to see my Dangus?
I will beat you with my Dangus!
That motherfu#king Python ain't got sh*t on my Dangus!
Angus that's a big Dangus!

Look, its the Dangus Orangutangus!!

Please, please bang us Mr. Dangus!

And thats Word on my Seed!!!
by Floppy Dangus!!! HA! November 16, 2010
Someone who looks at porn and jerks off for their whole life, but never gets a girl.
yo mike isnt randy robbins a fucking dangus
by randy robbins July 23, 2013
An exclamation of absolute joy and excitement!
"That bike ride was dangus! We have to do it again next weekend!" - K.C.
by A.Park September 21, 2008
a fucking idiot such as randy robbins
yo mike isnt randy a fuckin dangus
by brett September 27, 2003
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