another word for a B.J. (Blowjob)
Yo, Rocky got a Danger, from Danny Sanger
by lastwitness March 27, 2003
dang'er is a word that means penis. often used as a joke or so teacher's dont no what your talking about.
ahaha nice dang'er.

his dang'er is soooo big.
by Obese Cat July 10, 2008
Word used to describe the female or male genitals. See also Danger Zone.
Then she put her hand on my junk and I was like, whoa! That's my danger!
by Katieanne April 18, 2007
More than dang.
As used in scrabble...
Person 1 : You can't use dang, it's not a real word.
Person 2 : Yes it is. It's in the dictionary....see!
Person 1 : Ok then.

(next round)
Person 1: Oh hell no, I let you get away with dang, but not can't be more than dang!
Person 2: Just look it up.

(reads the definition)
Person 1: Well shit.
by otherdustin September 14, 2010
to say goodbye
danger man! danger
by sketch November 24, 2003
A sir name before your real name that states you live life on the edge, eXtreme and of course, DANGEROUS. Looks cool if written in capital letters.
Boy-no ones gonna ride down that huge hill on a razor scooter!
Boy2-Oh Yeah? Let me call up DANGER(insert name here) to do this retarded stunt. That kids crazy!
by DANGER Ryan Golemo September 17, 2007
A truncation of Jack Dangers' last name. Jack Dangers is part of the duo known as Meat Beat Manifesto with Jonny Stephens.
Danger is part of Dangers: Jack's last name.
by N-Dizzle March 16, 2004

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