A truncation of Jack Dangers' last name. Jack Dangers is part of the duo known as Meat Beat Manifesto with Jonny Stephens.
Danger is part of Dangers: Jack's last name.
by N-Dizzle March 16, 2004
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a dick, douche, or other rather unappealing character; a joking term to describe someone who did something mildly stupid or annoying; one who dangs, especially Dang-er Dan
Isaac: Hey, Eric. Can you get that drink for me?
Eric: grunts It's so far away...
Isaac: Dude, it's within arms reach. Stop being such a dang-er!
by Dang-er Dan December 05, 2010
One Bad a** middle name
Wow, Nicholas DANGER Martinez gets all the ladies!!
by Dangers mom January 14, 2008
one awesome middle name
Garrett "danger" Stookey
by DANGER123 December 11, 2010
asian drivers
"Stay away from that car. Don't put yourself in that kind of danger."
"How is that putting me in danger?"
"Asian Driver."
by DB1234 May 19, 2009
A word that Steve Irwin says a whole lot when he's dealing with crocodiles.
You should never mess with a big saltie, they bite quick. Danger danger danger! Too right! Watch out, he's a grumpy one!
by Jorje Boosh March 27, 2004
male genitalia; i can often be used as a dimunitive or insulting cutdown
Girl: You're a danger

Boy: You're a danger

Girl: You don't even know what a danger is

Boy: Yes I do, I have one!!
by McSpanky007 July 31, 2008
It's that Myspace type photo angle that creates an illusion that the person is pretty or in shape.
"Wow, this girl is danger."

"This girl's photo is danger."
by wokfoo November 17, 2011

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