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Have you ever wondered what to call it when a guy asked you to hang out, but he's obviously interested in you? Have you ever been interested in someone, but you weren't quite ready to ask them out on a date? The word dangout is for you! It has been very helpful in circles of friends in Columbus, Ohio.

1. A one-on-one event between two individuals that is ambiguous as to the romantic nature, but the intent of at least one party is romantic.

2. An event of hanging out with one's boyfriend or girlfriend that is non-datelike or romantic.
What am I up to tonight? Just going to dangout with John. We're going to study for exams.

He asked me to coffee, but I think it's just as friends.
Dude, it's obviously a dangout!
by MissSprinkles January 18, 2011
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A dissapointing date that turns out to be an awkward hangout. Especially when it is keeping you from doing somethin much more worth while.
I am so mad I did not get to hang out with you guys, because I had a dang out last night.
by Charley Rockdale November 12, 2006

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