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A "Dan Brady" is a high energy, new age, cocktail specifically designed for those with an abundance of Dutch courage. Its a mix of Champagne and Red Bull. Order one bottle of Champagne, 2 pint glasses and one Red Bull. Fill the pint glasses 3/4 full with Champagne and then fill the rest with Red Bull. Skulling is the preferred method of absorption... But sipping also works.

The drinks origins have been the subject of much recent debate among the worlds leading cocktail designers but after intensive investigation we have settled on the most likely 'place of origin', and let me tell you, this place, while gorgeously beautiful is one of the most remote islands in the world. Its name, Rottnest.

Rottnest is a small coastal town 15km off the coast of Western Australia. This epicly laid back stretch of land plays host to the infamous pub, the Quokka Arms. Several hours before the rest of us were welcoming in 2006, a young, balding fellow from a neighbouring town was stumbling across a drink that would soon become common place in pubs all over the world. This mans name, Dan Brady.

A sample of the drink was replicated in various pubs, bars and restaurants in the nearby city of Perth in the weeks to follow. From there the drink spread with freightening popularity across Australia, up through Asia and not long after to the throbbing bars of Western Europe that were begging for something different to add to their tired cocktail lists.

NOTE : The rumours that this drink was invented in Northern Kuwait and somewhere near the arctic circle should be taken as false. After many days, and of course nights of tiring research we stumbled across documents that proved these rumours was nothing but ellaborate fabrications.

Give me a Dan Brady. Imma gunna skull that bitch to high heaven
by Sydney Fitzgerald November 22, 2006
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