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a half breed, part human and part vampire, torn between and his/her vampire thirst for blood, which is supressed by his/her human side. Has vampire strenth and none of their weaknesses, except for thirt for blood.
Anyone with both vampire and human blood is a dampyre.
by Shannon Reynolds October 22, 2003
- a goth dude who thinks he is an urbanite
- a person who subscribes to the theory of urban density while having no knowledge of the subject.
- a cool animal
- also known as the raper of albino hairless Thai midget boys.
What? You think there is no crime in Chicago? You must be a dampyre!
by subdude April 10, 2003
- An ignorant goth guy who thinks he is an urbanite.
- Any person who subscribes to the dnesity theory of urban developement even though they possess no knowledge on the subject.
- A filthy animal.
- Also known as the raper of albino hairless Thai Midget boys.
1. That dude thinks he knows about urbanity, he must be a dampyre.

2. You need to get your facts straight about the crime level in Chicago, they are much higher than you'd like to admit, what are you a dampyre?!
by God April 03, 2003
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