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Expletive phrase. Used to condemn someone or something that is irksome. Probably originated as a curse against the wandering eyes of cheating partners.
"Damn your eyes!", Billy cursed through gritted teeth to the frozen screen. He'd have to reboot again...
by SassyFrau September 06, 2005
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It is a curse said in anger. Archaic: late Victorian, Edwardian English. Theatrical and almost never used in reality anymore.
You want my daughter's hand in marriage, you say? Well, "Damn your eyes!", sir!
by Mahlerian December 08, 2011
Said when a person hooked up or entered a relationship with someone that was not really a great person or a good match for them, but they were attractive (or, at least, their eyes were).
"You know, Cindy, you were a mistake. I never meant to sleep with your father that night... damn his eyes!"

"Would you stop following me around? I don't like you! We just made out that one time... damn your eyes!"
by EmilyElle June 20, 2006

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