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the youngest son of reggae legend bob marley he's 28 and has three hot albums:mr.marley(1996),halfway tree(2001),welcome to jamrock(2005) and he's sooo sexy and has the sexsiest voice ever we arabian chicks love him
by jennifer .b January 05, 2006
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Youngest Son Of Reggae Singer BOB MARLEY,
Also A Reggae Singer &&' Rapper. Has Won 3 Grammys.
Is Also Known As Jr. Gong &&' Gong ZILLA, Derived From His Father's Nickname TUFF GONG.(R.I.P)
Born In Kingston Jamaica, July 21, 1978

-Looove You Damian'
-Damian Marley One Of The Greatest Reggae Singer\Rapper Alive
by Monica.Marley' September 17, 2011
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